We relieve human suffering from HPB Diseases in the Philippines by
  1. Providing opportunities and setting standards for surgical training, education, and career development of our members
  2. Conforming to ethical standards in HPB Surgery
  3. Promoting and translating research and innovation in managing HPB diseases
  4. Collaborating with individuals and groups whose goals and outcomes are similar to ours
  5. Engaging and advocating causes and concerns that move forward HPB disease awareness, management, and outcomes


By 2030, We have improved the outcomes of HPB patients in the Philippines and among the top 3 in delivering quality HPB care for patients in Southeast Asia


Professionalism: We value integrity, honesty,passion, and excellence in everything that we do.

Accountability: We take pride in the quality of our work and take responsibility for our actions.

Honour: Our word is our bond.

Partnership: We can accomplish more and go further if we work through and with others.

Benevolence: We strive to be more than fair in our relationships with stakeholders, colleagues, patients, and with the community in general.

Social Responsibility: We contribute to nation building by caring for the community we belong to.

Innovation: We continue to grow in our profession so that we can deliver excellent results and a better quality of life for our patients.