By 2030, We have improved the outcomes of HPB patients in the Philippines and among the top 3 in delivering quality HPB care for patients in Southeast Asia.


We relieve human suffering from HPB Diseases in the Philippines by:

  • Providing opportunities and setting standards for surgical training, education, and career development of our members

  • Conforming to ethical standards in HPB Surgery

  • Promoting and translating research and innovation in managing HPB diseases

  • Collaborating with individuals and groups whose goals and outcomes are similar to ours

  • Engaging and advocating causes and concerns that move forward HPB disease awareness, management, and outcomes

Latest Announcement

The Philippine Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2021

The Philippines’ FIRST Clinical Practice Guidelines on Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) is finally published after an arduous process of discussion, reviews and critique of the best available evidence, and consensus meetings with multiple stakeholders.

Borne out of an initiative since 2019, conceptualized with PAHPBS and through DOH, this project aimed to engage with all specialty societies involved in the multidisciplinary management and care of HCC patients.

We are happy to share this with all of our colleagues in internal medicine and gastroenterology, surgery, interventional radiology, medical and HPB & surgical oncology. With the publication and continuous process of updating these guidelines, we hope to usher in an era of optimal liver cancer treatment outcomes nationwide.

The Full article may be accessed here

Call for Manuscripts

The Annals of Philippine HPB Surgery is inviting submissions for the inaugural issue to be launched at the 85th Annual Convention of the Philippine College of Surgeons on December 9, 2021 during the PAHPBS General Assembly.

Be part of this prestigious landmark event by sharing your manuscript to this 1st digital issue.

While further improvements are being undertaken for the online submission & peer review of manuscripts, for now, manuscripts may be emailed to secretariat@pahpbs.org.

In the Subject heading, kindly indicate as follows: Submission for APHPBS: [ Manuscript Title]

Deadline for submission is on October 30, 2021.


Catherine SC Teh, MD, FPCS, FRCS(Ed)
Editor in Chief
Annals of Philippine HPB Surgery

Calendar of Events 2021

JANUARY – Liver CA Month
JANUARY 27 – Board of Trustees Meeting

FEBRUARY – Billiary CA Month
FEBRUARY 17 – Board of Trustees Meeting

MARCH – Board of Trustees Meeting

APRIL 22 – SPMC Fellow’s Forum
APRIL 28 – Board of Trustees Meeting

MAY – PCS Midyear
MAY 26 – Board of Trustees Meeting

JUNE 12 & 13 – ILL World Congress
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JUNE 25 – Colorectal Liver Mets
JUNE 30 – Board of Trustees Meeting

JULY 28 – Board of Trustees Meeting

AUGUST – PSG Surgical Forum
AUGUST 25 – Board of Trustees Meeting
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SEPTEMBER 4 or 5 – APHBA and Strat Plan
SEPTEMBER 22 – Board of Trustees Meeting

OCTOBER 27 – Board of Trustees Meeting
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NOVEMBER – Pancreas CA Month
NOVEMBER 24 – Board of Trustees Meeting

DECEMBER 1st Week – ACC & Business meeting – PCS